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The delivery of your baby is a very exciting and personal experience. In some cases, a surgical procedure, referred to as a cesarean section or C-section, is needed for you or your baby’s safety during delivery. The experienced team at NA OB/GYN has performed numerous C-sections and can ensure you a healthy and safe delivery for all. For pregnancy care or questions about a C-section, call the New Albany or Holly Springs, Mississippi, office today or request an appointment online.

C-Section Q & A

What is a C-section?

A C-section is a surgical procedure in which the baby is delivered through incisions in the abdomen and the uterus, performed for the safe delivery of your baby. It’s one of the most common surgical procedures women undergo in the United States.

In many cases, a C-section is planned in advance. However, sometimes you may need an emergency C-section.

The highly trained staff at NA OB/GYN have been delivering babies since 2002 and have performed numerous C-sections over the years.

Why would I need a C-section?

There are several reasons why you may need a C-section for the safe delivery of your baby. It may be due to a concern about your health or the baby’s health. Common reasons for a C-section include:

  • Placenta previa
  • Mechanical obstruction of your birth canal, such as a fibroid
  • Your medical history, which can put you at risk with a vaginal delivery
  • Health concerns about your baby
  • You’re carrying multiples
  • Abnormal position of your baby

You also may need an emergency C-section if your baby fails to progress during labor or your baby is in distress.

What can I expect during a C-section?

A C-section is a serious surgical procedure, but it is performed on a regular basis. You’re awake during the procedure, but you’re given medication to prevent any pain. During your C-section, your OB/GYN makes an incision in your abdomen through your abdominal wall to your uterus and the baby is removed.

After you meet your new baby, your OB/GYN sutures up your incision as the pediatricians check your baby’s vitals.

How long does it take to recover from a C-section?

You may need to stay in the hospital an extra day following your C-section to ensure you’ve recovered well enough to be able to manage at home.

Your OB/GYN provides specific instructions on how to take care of your incision, including limits on the amount of weight you can lift (usually nothing heavier than your baby), as well as activities such as exercise and intercourse.

It can take up to 12 weeks to fully recover from your C-section. Your woman’s health specialist at NA OB/GYN has you come to the office throughout your recovery period to check on your incision and see how you’re doing.

For expert care and delivery of your baby, contact NA OB/GYN by phone or online today.