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Prenatal Care


OB/GYNs located in New Albany, MS & Holly Springs, MS

To guarantee you have the healthiest and happiest pregnancy possible, you need early and ongoing prenatal care. The experienced team at NA OB/GYN, in New Albany and Holly Springs, Mississippi, has been providing expert prenatal care since 2002. To schedule an appointment, call the office today or book online.

Prenatal Care Q & A

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care refers to the specialized health care you receive during your pregnancy. Early and regular prenatal care with the women’s health experts at NA OB/GYN ensures you have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Women who don’t get the prenatal care they need during pregnancy are more likely to deliver babies with a low-birth weight, and they’re at greater risk of complications.

When should I start prenatal care?

You should contact NA OB/GYN as soon as you know you’re pregnant to schedule your first prenatal exam. This first appointment is typically scheduled about eight weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period. This first exam is the most comprehensive and sets the stage for your future visits.

During your first prenatal exam your specialist at NA OB/GYN:

  • Confirms pregnancy
  • Reviews your family and medical history
  • Conducts a physical and pelvic exam
  • Orders blood work and a urinalysis

Your specialist also estimates your due date and provides recommendations about your diet and exercise to help keep you and your baby healthy and safe. You may also be prescribed a prenatal multivitamin to ensure you and your baby get all the nutrients needed for optimal health.

How often do I need to follow-up with my provider?

The frequency of your prenatal visits depends on your stage of pregnancy and your overall health. In general, you can expect:

  • Monthly visits between weeks 4 through 28
  • Bimonthly visits between weeks 29 through 35
  • Weekly visits between weeks 36 to birth

You may need to come in more often if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

What if my pregnancy is high risk?

The experienced team at NA OB/GYN have been providing prenatal care since 2002 and have managed many different types of pregnancies, including high-risk pregnancies. No matter your need, the team provides attentive and expert care.

If your pregnancy is high risk, you can expect more frequent visits with your provider to ensure all goes well throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal care is imperative for a healthy and happy pregnancy. For compassionate and comprehensive care, contact NA OB/GYN by phone or online today.